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To register a SALSA congress / event please fill out the form below and we will put it in our list within two weeks, after getting your information.

Our definition of a congress/event Example
A congress has more more than 30 workshops with more than 10 intl. teachers/instructors during the congress and covers all levels. All other events, that will not match with this definition are local events. Intl. teacher/instructor in this definition means, that the teacher/instructor is not a resident of the country where the congress/event takes place. An event in Milano/Italy with more than 30 workshops, but with 10 intl. instructors like Melissa Fernandez, Luis Vazquez, Johnny Vazquez, Los Hermanos, Alberto Valdes, Tropical Gem, Juan Matos, Swing Guys, Son Colombianos and Pedro Gomez, is only a local event, because all of these people are currently residents of Italy (most of them live in or close to Milano). If an event with all these instructors takes place e.g. in Paris/France it will be a congress.

If you are the organizer of a congress/event please let us also know your contact data, by using the field additional information.


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