History & Acknowledgement

Many people (Salsa dancers, Salsa dance groups and Salsa teachers) asked, where they can get/watch the pictures and videos taken at so many salsa congresses around the world. Ok, that's it and finally here we are and all begs were successful. The most influencing people for this homepage are named here.

Special thanks to
  • Albert & Maya Torres, who are obviously and doubtless the greatest salsa promoters around the world.
  • Al "Liquid Silver" Espinoza, who supports me at every congress where we both are.
  • Edie "The Salsa Freak", who is a good friend, one of my favorite dancers and instructors and gave me, as well as Jazzy, the idea to create this page.
  • Jazzy (Oslo), who provided me, as well as Edie, with the idea to create this page and who gives me a lot of input how to make things better.
  • Marion Morena and Mimo (Munich), who brought me into the Salsa scene. Mimo with the first salsa lesson and Marion with a lot more trainings.
  • Melissa Fernandez, who has become my best international friend during all the years. Meli, you're great, not only as a dancer, I never want to lose you!! I really appreciate all the discussions with you and your support.
  • all Salsa musicians around the world for providing us with the music.

the Salsa teachers, artists, instructors, as well as friends:

who all provided me with support and gave me fun during so many congresses.
Sorry, when I missed one.

and my local friends in Munich

Anja Z.
Loyda H.
Nici B.
Nina R.
Olga K.
(now Madrid)
Susi B.
Chris B.

who are great friends and gave me a lot of support and fun during the last years.
Ladies, I never want to miss you.


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