Salsa & latin music locations

You'll find here for each quoted country a list of locations where you can dance salsa style (NY/LA, Puerto Rican, Cuban, etc.).

If you want to present a location here, you need a recommendation from at least one international known salsa teacher or show group. If you get this, you can do it by two ways:

cost-free provide us with a link to your homepage and a logo/banner not larger than max. 100 KByte, .GIF-, .JPG- or .PNG-Format and either a horizontal or a square banner. This means at max. 
  • 200 x 40 Pixel (horizontal banner / logo)
  • 150 x 54 Pixel (horizontal banner / logo)
  • 90 x 90 Pixel (square banner / logo)
  • cost-based Your logo/banner does not fit the given measures. No Problem, ask for our price. The price is based on a one year agreement and depends on the size of your logo/banner.

    We're sorry, but we cannot list each salsa location around the world. There are too much. For other locations, with non-international reputation, we recommend local salsa sites.


    Comments are welcome to webmaster@bailarsalsa