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Past Salsa Congresse / Festivals in 2014
bailarsalsa was at all events with yellow background.
Date Country City Congress / Festival
16.-19.01. USA Houston Houston Salsa Congress 2014
23.-26.01. Italy Milan 6th World Salsa Meeting
17.-19.01. Austria Telfs 11th Salsa Congress Austria
16.-19.01. Serbia Sarajevo 6th Sarajevo Salsa Congress 2014
23.-26.01. Australia Sydney 10th Annual Sydney Salsa Congress
06.-09.02. Netherlands Amsterdam 7th Amsterdam Salsa Festival
13.-16.02. USA Chicago 13th Chicago Intl. Salsa Congress
13.-16.02. USA San Francisco 6th Salsa Rueda Festival
13.-16.02. Peru Lima 5th Peru World Salsa Congress
20.-23.02. Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Salsa Festival 2014
21.-23.02. Switzerland Zurich Salsafestival Switzerland 2014
27.02.-03.03. Romania Timisoara 7th Salsa Addicted Festival
28.02.-02.03. Germany Stuttgart Afro Rumba Weekend
05.-09.03. Germany Rust Euro Dance Festival 2014
06.-09.03. Germany Frankfurt Frankfurt Salsa Festival 2014
07.-09.03. Italy Bologna 10.Ed. Bologna Salsa Festival
13.-16.03. USA Houston 10th Texas Salsa Congress
13.-16.03. Sweden Gothenburg 9th Annual Scandinavian Salsa Congres
14.-16.03. Germany Regensburg Bavarian Salsa Congress
21.-23.03. Slovenia Maribor 9th Salsacongress Maribor
21.-23.03. Monaco Monte Carlo 9th Intl. Festival de Salsa Monaco
27.-30.03. Canada Calgary Calgary Intl. Salsa Congress
28.-30.03. Poland Wieliczka Bachaturo Underground Festival
28.-31.03. Cyprus Cape Greco 9th Cyprus Salsa Congress
03.-07.04. Turkei Istanbul 3rd Istanbul Intl. Dance Festival
04.-06.04. Belgium Antwerp 6th Antwerp Diamond Salsa Congress
11.-13.04. Germany Stuttgart Bachata Festival
11.-13.04. Greece Athens 5th Athens Salsa Spring
11.-20.04. India New Dehli India Fiesta Latina 2014
18.-20.04. France Marseille 9th Salsa Congress 2014 de Marseille
24.-30.04. Israel Eilat 12th Israel Salsa Congress
25.-27.04. Germany Muenster Salsafestival Muenster
25.-27.04. Netherlands Noordwijkerhout 5th International Cuban Salsa Festival
01.-04.05. USA Miami Intl. Hustle & Salsa Competition
01.-04.05. Luxembourg Luxembourg 1st Luxembourg Kizomba Festival
02.-04.05. Danmark Copenhagen Copenhagen Salsa Festival
02.-05.05. UK London Mambo City 5 Star London Congress
08.-11.05. Italy Milan On2 Salsa Congress
08.-12.05. Bulgaria Sofia 10th Fanta BG Salsa Festival
09.-12.05. UK Mundesley/Norfolk Afro Cuban Salsa Rueda Festival
14.-19.05. Canada Montreal 10th Montreal Salsa Convention 2014
15.-19.05. Netherlands Valkenburg 6th Intl. Limburg Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba Festival
15.-19.05. Lithuania Vilnius 8th Intl. Salsa Festival Lithuania
16.-17.05. Germany Bremen 3rd Salsa Supreme Gala
16.-18.05. Switzerland Kreuzlingen Salsafestival Bodensee
16.-18.05. Switzerland Chavannes-près-Renens (Lausanne) 3ème Sals'Addictos Festival
23.-25.05. Czech Republic Prague Prague Latino Festival
21.-26.05. USA Los Angeles 16th LA Salsa Congress
29.05.-01.06. Germany Berlin Salsa Convention Berlin 2014
30.05.-01.06. New Zealand Wellington NZ Pacific Salsa Congress 2014
30.05.-01.06. Germany Stuttgart Lady Salsa Festival
06.-08.06. Switzerland Weggis Riviera Latina Festival Weggis
06.-10.06. Portugal Coimbra 6th Intl. Symposium of Salsa in Portugal
12.-15.06. Luvia Riga Riga Salsa Festival 2014
13.-15.06. France St. Tropez Salsa Festival
20.-22.06. Germany Dresden Intl. Salsa Festival Dresden 2014
23.-30.06. Croatia Rovinj 10th Croatian Summer Salsa Festival
03.-06.07. USA Orlando Orlando Salsa Congress
03.-06.07. USA Las Vegas 11th Las Vegas Salsa Congress
04.-06.07. Germany Munich Mambo (on 2) Festival Munich
04.-06.07. France Cannes 5th Cannes Salsa Festival
14.-20.07. Croatia Sibenik Salsa Beach Splash Festival
18.-20.07. Poland Wroclaw 6th Summer Bachata Festival
22.-26.07. Puerto Rico San Juan 18th Puerto Rican Salsa Congress
25.-27.07. Germany Hamburg 12th Intl. Hamburg Salsa Festival
07.-10.08. Switzerland Basel Basel Festival 2014
08.-10.08. Germany Chemnitz 7. Salsa Festival Chemnitz - La Palma
15.-17.08. Sweden Malmö Love Dance Festival
22.-24.08. Poland Warsaw Bachaturo Festival
27.08.-01.09. USA New York 14th Annual New York Salsa Congress
28.-31.08. USA San Diego 8th San Diego Salsa Bachata Festival
28.-31.08. Lebanon Byblos Lebanon Intl. Dance Festival
29.08.-01.09. USA New Jersey New Jersey Intl. Congress
30.08.-01.09. USA Miami Miami Salsa Congress
05.-07.09. Germany Munich Munich Salsa Congress 2014
04.-08.09. Marocco Marrakech World Salsa Congress Marrakech
11.-15.09. Marocco Marrakech 7th Intl. Salsa Festival Marrakech
12.-15.09. UK Mundesley/Norfolk Afro Cuban Salsa Fiesta
19.-21.09. Switzerland St. Gallen Salsa Convention St. Gallen
26.-28.09. France Paris Step in Dance Festival
01.-05.10. Germany Berlin 14th Berlin Salsacongress
08.-12.10. Italy Lettojanni (Taormina) Sicialia Salsa Festival
09.-13.10. Canada Toronto 12th Annual Canada Salsa & Bachata Congress
17.-19.10. Germany Stuttgart 9th Festival de Cuba
17.-19.10. France Valbonne Sophia-Antipolis Festival de Valbonne
17.-19.10. Slovenia Lubljana 11th Salsa Power Festival
30.10.-02.11. France Strasbourg 3rd Intl. Salsa Kings Festival
07.-09.11. Germany Regensburg 5th Uni Salsa Camp Regensburg
07.-09.11. Poland Warsaw 10th Intl. Warsaw Salsa Festival
14.-16.11. Italy Milan Milano International Festival
28.-30.11. Germany Munich 5th Bachata Festival Munich
05.-08.12. Mexico Acapulco 8th Acapulco Salsa Bachata Congress
10.-14.12. USA Miami World Latin Dance Cup 2014

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